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finds … kitchen color

Currently my kitchen is gray, on gray, on white, on gray.  I love the simplicity of it, but in between the rain and the rain, I’m looking for some sunshine!  I’m looking to add some color to my kitchen without changing the color of my kitchen.  Changing up the accessories in a room can instantly alter the mood of a space without a major overhaul.

As always, I start my search with ETSY looking for some fresh, original products to add interchangeable color to my kitchen. I’ve noticed a trend in my search… and may have to write a future blog posting on ‘paint dipping’.   I absolutely love it.  Here are my top picks for adding instant color and SUNSHINE to your color

  1. For The Host : wood kitchen utensil set
  2. Sea & Asters : geometric air plant cube
  3. Little Design Haus : apple pear prints
  4. Earth Cadets : hand printed kitchen towels
  5. Objectify Homeware : Objectify demi blue wall clock
  6. Gleaming Renditions : nesting trays
  7. Willful : wooden snack bowls

Note: Although I haven’t personally purchased these products, I’m looking forward to incorporating them into my future design projects

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