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design … Charlotte’s room PART 2

Now back to Charlotte’s room…

Last month I introduced this project to you with Charlotte’s room PART 1: Inspiration.  The initial steps in the design process are really about getting to know your client and their space. It’s identifying their likes and dislikes, discovering what they love and how they wish to utilize the space. It is through this process that inspiration and direction for the room is found and the project can move forward.


The planning process is where everything comes together.  It’s matching esthetics with function.  It’s about creating a well- designed floor plan that looks and feels right.  I think it’s important to utilize and repurpose what clients already have.  So, it’s at this stage that I like to take inventory of everything that is available so we can work with what they have and look for what they need.

Along with a floor plan, a design board also helps to visualize the room design and bring the design to life. It is here that all the choices for hard and soft surfaces are made; paint colors, flooring, textiles, window coverings, furniture and accessories.

Don’t forget BUDGET!  Budget is a huge part of the design process.  Anything and everything can be done for a price.  It is very important to establish an honest budget at the very beginning of a project so that there are no disappointments.


With Charlotte’s room, inspiration came from a collection of old and new things that I love.

inspiration girls room

The room was pretty much a blank slate when I started.  Just a lonely little crib sitting in a “Builder Beige” room.  Not even window coverings. The PLAN was to create three zones within the room for this toddler.  1. play zone, 2. sleep zone and 3. dress zoneIt was also important to introduce storage solutions to the space as the room had no closets.

design plan girls room

  1. Play: To start, I introduced some cube shelving and floating shelves for toy & book storage.  Brought in a table lamp and adult sized pouf ottoman for story time.  Installed playful hooks for dress-up clothes and provided space for Charlotte’s existing doll bed and highchair.
  2. Sleep: Charlotte’s crib was converted into a toddler day bed.  As she gets older this will be replaced with a larger bed and nightstands.  The Bedding was custom made using the inspirational fabric. Window coverings were also added to promote sleep.
  3. Dress: An existing dresser was refinished and brought into the room along with a laundry hamper.

The design board created for Charlotte’s room creates a visual guide for all the key elements that will be implemented in the space.

design girls room

Ceiling Fixture:  Pottery Barn Kids

Fabric: Joann

Paint: Sherwin Williams, Quite Coral SW6614, Cooled Blue SW6759, Aqueduct SW6758, Overjoy SW6689

Fabric: Birch Organic Ipanema birds and clouds

Art: Children Inspire

Wall hooks: IKEA

Pouf: Target

Over the next few weeks I will post Charlotte’s room PART 3, where I will feature some of the DIY projects for the room and finally, the completed room.

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  1. Carol says

    I really love the colours you’ve chosen. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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