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finds … nautical design

Nautical design is one of those classic chic trends that never goes away and this summer it seems to be popping up everywhere. Whether decorating for the cottage or in the city, the key to incorporating this design into your living space is to add subtle suggestions with accessories and mix it up with non-nautical items.  The room should look inspired by ‘the sea’, not a ‘seaside gift shop’.  Don’t go overboard with your nautical design.Here’s my take on classic nautical design with a splash of whimsy. a. Custom Sailboat Pillow. with embroidered name, ChristineElliott, Bowmanville, Ontario ( b. Wooden folk art peg dolls … Alfred and Gaby beach bums, mooshoopork, Wisconsin ( c. UpcycledBoat Vent Lamp, BingoBox, Troy, New York ( d. Nautical coat rack with boat cleats, made from reclaimed wood, DocksideCottage, Wilmington, North Carolina ( e. License Plate Art – Beach One Fish Two Fish Red Fish, recycledartco, Niceville, Florida ( *Note: Although I haven’t personally purchased these products, I’m looking forward to incorporating them into my future design projects.