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color … garden view

More often than not, inspiration for a room tends to come from some element of nature. It could be the obvious like the colour of the ocean or the trees, but sometimes it’s how nature makes us feel.  A relaxing reading nook may be inspired by the warmth of the ocean sand or the texture of a smooth stone.  Even if you don’t intend to, nature has a place in every living space The colour palette below is taken from a dining room that looks onto the homeowners beloved garden.  As a labour of love and gathering place for friends and family the back garden was the inspiration for the room.  The room was to be sunny and cheerful, but also cool and calming. To accomplish this garden inspired dining room, we selected elephant tusk (OC-08) for the walls, oxford white (CC-30) for the wainscoting and trim and pulled georgian bay (CC782) as inspiration for the accent colour to be used on pillows and accessories. source: fabric:, lamp:, area rug:, paint:

diy … dining chair makeover

I spent yesterday afternoon reupholstering our dining room chairs and wanted to share this super easy project with you. This is a great DIY project for anyone looking for an instant update to your room. It can be done at very little cost (I covered 8 chairs for less than $30), and the project can be completed within a day.  I was pleasantly surprised at how fun this was to do. Before starting the project I highly recommend that you take a look at this step by step tutorial “Upholstery Basics: Dining Chair Do-Over” on So, we’re currently in the process of redoing our entire dining room, and our current chairs no longer fit into the new design plan.  The chairs were in great condition, but were slightly off in colour, so they needed a little tweaking from box store beige to a warm graphite grey. I chose a neutral, inexpensive, WASHABLE fabric that I found in the clearance bin at a local fabric store.  I chose this fabric because with preschoolers around, I …