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Ombre Dresser

color … drawers of color

Although color on the walls is the norm when decorating a space, white walls is a current trend that I can’t get enough of.  In fact, Sherwin-Williams has named “Alabaster” (white) as their 2016 Color of the Year.  White brings a crisp, bright and airy feeling to the space, which allows you to showcase so much more in the room.  It creates the perfect opportunity to introduce color through textiles, accessories, artwork and furniture. I chose to incorporate this trend in my daughter’s room as part of my Charlotte’s room series. I wanted Charlotte’s room to be a bright, HAPPY place that will grow with her. Her white walls are the perfect backdrop showcasing her colorful bedding and newly painted dresser. While painted furniture is nothing new, there are definitely some fresh, exciting design trends today.  One of those being the ombre painted dresser. source: brit +co source:The Budget Decorator In every room that I design, I think it’s important to always create at least one DIY project for myself or my clients.  It’s one of …

Christmas sweater ornament

news… holiday decorating on a budget

What I’ve learned this year about Christmas decorations is that it’s really about the kids.  Sure I’d like to have control over everything and have that pretty, perfect, pristine holiday aura around my house, but the reality is I’m going to have pre-school and kindergarten artwork plastered all over my front windows, my refrigerator dressed as a snowman, and every inch of my front yard decorated with rainbow light bulbs.  And I’m ok with that.  For everyone looking to decorate in the next few weeks, here are a few of my budget, eco-friendly ideas that were published in the Ottawa Citizen last Thursday. You can read the article here: Satisfy your senses for holiday decorating on a budget Happy decorating!  

door entry

diy … shut the front door

I believe the entry way of a home sets the tone for the rest of the house.  We try to make it as welcoming as possible with flowers and a place to hang your coat.  Colour and artwork may be added to the walls, but often the front door is missed, left blank…we don’t see it…and we should. So here is an easy weekend project that will instantly add some personality and character to your home. It’s time to bring some life into our entry ways by painting the interior door. This is THE project for those of you that are looking to add a punch of colour to your living space, but have a fear of commitment when it comes to colour.  It’s a small amount of colour that can be as subdued or as bold as you want.  It could even be black. Best paint for the job: All doors are different.  Talk with your local paint supplier who can help you select the right paint for your door.  Paint with some gloss …

diy … wall decals: adding color without paint or a hammer

I’ll admit, painting a wall or hanging a picture takes some commitment.  For some painting is no sweat, but for others painting is a daunting task and hammering a nail in the wall is a deal breaker.  For these reasons, the growing trend and endless possibilities of wall decals is the perfect solution! Wall decal, wall sticker, wall art; call it what you will, I think they are great! It can be a small wall border or cut out or a large mural that covers an entire wall.  They are removable (and sometimes reusable) graphic art that can easily be applied to many different smooth surfaces, walls being the most common. For renters, wall decals allow you to add colour and personality to your living space without putting a hole in the wall and having to repaint on move out day.  For children, who grow up fast and change their style often, wall decals are a quick and fun way to update a room with little expense. I recently completed a project for a toddler’s …

diy … dining chair makeover

I spent yesterday afternoon reupholstering our dining room chairs and wanted to share this super easy project with you. This is a great DIY project for anyone looking for an instant update to your room. It can be done at very little cost (I covered 8 chairs for less than $30), and the project can be completed within a day.  I was pleasantly surprised at how fun this was to do. Before starting the project I highly recommend that you take a look at this step by step tutorial “Upholstery Basics: Dining Chair Do-Over” on So, we’re currently in the process of redoing our entire dining room, and our current chairs no longer fit into the new design plan.  The chairs were in great condition, but were slightly off in colour, so they needed a little tweaking from box store beige to a warm graphite grey. I chose a neutral, inexpensive, WASHABLE fabric that I found in the clearance bin at a local fabric store.  I chose this fabric because with preschoolers around, I …

diy project … creating a focal wall

Creating a focal wall in a space is more than just throwing a dramatic paint colour on a single wall and calling it an accent wall.  It’s about creating a centre of interest when we enter that space and balancing the design around that focal point. Quite often the focal point occurs naturally in the architecture of the room.  It may be a fireplace, intricate moulding or a window.  So it’s important to let the architecture be your guide.  In the case of a fireplace you may want to enhance the mantel with a large piece of art or mirror so when you entre the room your eyes are immediately drawn to the mantel and not overwhelmed by everything else in the room. source: Here printed drapery panels allow the bay window to be the focal point of the room.  Your eye sees everything else in the room later. source: Focal walls can be created with paint, wallpaper, artwork, picture frames, furniture, absolutely anything.  It’s important to note that not every wall deserves …

diy project … clawfoot colour

Three years ago we bought our 1920’s house for many reasons, but mostly for it’s character which included an original clawfoot tub.  I immediately fell in love with this  tub and bathroom, and was already imagining my little kiddo splashing in the bubbles before the house was even purchased.  It was a beautiful tub, as long as you could look past the fact that the exterior was painted a deep forest green with a gold sponge effect on it (I wish I had pictures to show you). One of the first things on my to-do list was to paint that tub, and I did.  I put colour on the bathroom wall and painted the tub a nice neutral charcoal grey.  I loved it at the time… but now I am feeling inspired to be a little more adventurous.  I think it’s time to PAINT THE TUB!  This is what is inspiring me at the moment. What do you think?  Should a bathtub be white?